Dragon self-balancing two-wheel robot RF link

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In 2013, Jona Beysens, Andreas Van Barel, and I were concerned with constructing a radiofrequency (RF) link from scratch on a Xilinx FPGA, using MATLAB Simulink for our Bachelor’s in EECS project. Our design and its progress can be seen in the following two posters:

Two posters describing our design and its progress.

Our RF link was part of a bigger project with 20 students to build a two-wheel self-balancing robot (similar to a segway). The final robot is shown in the video below:

Next to our functional RF link, I created an HTML5 web app which used the gyroscope and accelerometer of any mobile phone (Android, iOS, …) to steer the robot. It uses a PHP and Perl backend to send commands from the webserver through a serial port (USB) to our base station FPGA, which then transmits the data wirelessly to the robot FPGA.