Amazing Features. Free forever.

Our platform brings communication to a new level - at no cost to students or instructors!


Seperated courses

You join exactly your class, possibly with a password.


Stay anonymous

Ask and answer questions anonymously.


Instructor Feedback

Instructors can add a checkmark to correct answers.


Realtime feed

Our web app is responsive on all devices and refreshes automatically.


Free forever

Our platform will always stay free for students and universities.


Secure Data

We will not sell any of your data and your data is secure with us.


armati is responsive on all platforms.

Fast and reliable

Content refreshes in realtime and the web app has offline capabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will armati always be free?
Yes, armati will come for free for students and universities - forever.
Where is armati from?
armati has been developed in Germany and Switzerland.


fast and friendly support